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Buy Gold – for guarding by the Ultimate Gold Trust, through Stockbridge Management Alliance
  • The Ultimate Gold Trust (‘UGT’) is the 'Guardian' company of client's gold and is a Swiss company registered in Geneva. 
  • Stockbridge Management Alliance Limited ('SMA') is a London based company that purchases gold for its clients.  SMA is the sole client of UGT.
  • The gold will be purchased via the Stockbridge Management Alliance, who will irrevocably contract UGT’s ‘guardian’ services to retain the Clients’ gold in Switzerland through Stockbridge Management Alliance Limited . Stockbridge Management Alliance Limited will follow whatever instructions the Ultimate Gold Trust deems fit to retain the gold in Switzerland and under no circumstances will act independently of the Ultimate Gold Trust at any time.
  • The Ultimate Gold Trust is not a financial institution, but is offering fiduciary services in the precious metals [gold] sector.  
  • All gold acquired will be held in safe deposit with Via Mat, Zurich which is outside the banking system.
  • Via Mat insures the deposited gold.
  • All gold deals will be effected through the renowned gold dealer, Bullion Vault.
  • All Clients will receive a Gold Bullion Certificate from the Company confirming legal title to the gold and the amount held.
  • The Gold Bullion Certificate is not a financial instrument under Swiss law and is not transferable.
  • Clients can review their gold holding via the Company’s secure web-link.  Holdings are updated daily.
  • The Company will not permit the gold held on behalf of Clients to be leveraged, leased or used as collateral under any circumstances.
  • If a Client is located in a jurisdiction where a gold confiscation order has been served (or may be served), Clients are asked to note that their Gold Bullion holding can only be sold for cash (and no physical gold shall be redeemed). As a confiscation order will be limited to the repatriation of physical gold, a cash sale would lie outside the ambit of such order and the gold retained on behalf of the Client throughout the time the confiscation order persists. UGT will act, with the support and compliance of the Company, to retain Client’s gold in Switzerland.

Buy Gold – for guarding by the Ultimate Gold Trust, through Stockbridge Management Alliance



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